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The Village is a Russian internet newspaper, which was founded in 2010 with an idea of a city blog. It covers such topics as social life and entertaining, city service and gourmet places in Moscow, St. Petersburg and Kiev.

Meaning and history

The Village Logo

The Village logo is a great example of using font as art object. It looks sharp and modern in its color minimalism. The logo is a black wordmark on a white background.

The designers played types as images in order to create a bold visual language of the logo. It’s main sans serif font is complimented by two graphic letters — I and E. They add playfulness and at the same time confidence to the typeface.

Letter E with has an elongated tip, which end forms a point, resembles a smile. Letter I in italics dilutes strict lines of V and L.

The Village logo is bold and contemporary in its elegance and simplicity.