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The Times is a British daily newspaper, founded in 1785 by the editor and publisher John Walter I.  It was called the Daily Universal Register for the first three years, until it rebranded as The Times in 1788 – the first newspaper in the world to use the Times name.

Meaning and history

The Times Logo history

The Times is the first newspaper to have borne that name. After it lended it to numerous other papers around the world, such as The Times of India and The New York Times.

The Times is also the originator of the widely used Res New Roman typeface, originally developed by Stanley Morison of The Times in collaboration with the Monotype Corporation. In November 2006 The Times began printing headlines in a new font, Times Modern.

The Times logo consists of the wordmark and The Royal Arms emblem. When John Walter first published the paper on January 1, 1785, he used the royal coat of arms as part of the masthead, because Printing House Square, the site from which the paper was published, had originally been the site of the King’s Printing House.

Current The Times uses the House of Hannover coat of arms, as they were on the throne when the newspaper was founded.

1785 – 1789

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1789 – 1797

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1797 – 1959

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1959 – now

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