CNews Logo

CNews Logo

CNews is a French live news channel that provides 24-hour national and global news coverage. It was launched in 1999 by Canal+ Group.

Meaning and history

CNews Logo history

The CNews logo is a stylish and modern icon, based on a color palette of red, white and black. It is classic yet contemporary and very memorable.

Being the second most watched news network in France, CNews has to have a bold and striking logo, to be recognizable and give a feeling of reliability and authority to its audience.

CNews Logo

The CNews logo is a black-framed rectangle composed of a black square and a red rectangle with a white wordmark on it. The typeface is clean and bold and using white color in the lettering gives a great contrast to the logo.

The network’s logo is strict and simple yet very confident and energetic. The color palette works good both on mobile screen and on TV.