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ChannelAdvisor is an American company, which develops software for online commerce businesses. It was founded in 2001 and today has a yearly revenue of around 150 million dollars.

Meaning and history

ChannelAdvisor logo

ChannelAdvisor logo is modern and stylish, it is composed of a wordmark and a colorful emblem, which is sometimes placed on the right of the nameplate, and sometimes — above it.

The ChannelAdvisor wordmark in all the lowercase lettering is executed in a rounded modern sans-serif typeface, with the “Channel” part in black and “Advisor” in light gray.

The sharp and bright ChannelAdvisor emblem looks like a beam of light rays, where every ray has its own color. The emblem consists of five triangles, that are connected in their peak.

Emblem ChannelAdvisor

The emblem features green, blue, orange, pink and yellow colors, which symbolize various opportunities of e-commerce and services the company provides to its customers.

Triangle is a commonly known symbol of stability and progress, which is a perfect reflection of a powerful and progressive software company.