The Simpsons Logo

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The Simpsons logo

The Simpsons is an iconic animated tv-series, which was created in 1989 and by today has almost 700 episodes released. It is a comedy, which tells the story of a funny American family, with a lot of sharp sarcastic jokes.

Meaning and history

The Simpsons Logo history

The Simpsons’ logo is probably one of the most recognizable among animation films all over the globe. Composed of a single wordmark, it looks modern and reflects the humorous and sarcastic character of the tv-series.

The Simpsons nameplate is written in two levels with “The” places above the central part of “Simpsons”. The inscription in all the capitals is executed in a custom hand-drawn typeface with uneven edges artsy lines. After the release of the tv-series, the font, named Simpson was designed by Sharkshock.

The color palette of The Simpsons’ logo is red with a black outline and shadow. The bright and slightly aggressive color combination of the animation’s casual identity allows placing in on various backgrounds without losing its sharpness.

The Simpsons logo

The Simpsons logo is timeless. It is truly a classic example of the contemporary an-imation industry and reflects the free and rebellious spirit of young people, who are brave and energetic.