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Several generations of kids have grown up watching cartoons or films about four anthropomorphic turtles that are fighting crime.

Meaning and history

Fans of comics read the first book of the series “The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” in 1984. It was created by two artists ‒ Kevin Eastman and his friend Peter Laird. The success of the comics was so great that three years later a cartoon series based on it appeared. Then there followed movies, toys and video games.

Original Emblem

Ninja Turtles emblem

But it was the Ninja Turtles logo that appeared first. It was just a joke. To make his friend Laird laugh Eastman sketched a turtle with nunchaku. It was standing upright and there was a mask over its eyes. Above it Eastman wrote “Ninja Turtle”. Laird drew another one. Eastman in his turn depicted four turtles with different weapons. Laird added “Teenage Mutant” to the words “Ninja Turtle”. Then they wanted to write a story about these characters.

The 1987 Cartoon Symbol

Ninja Turtles symbol

It features the same lettering as the original Ninja Turtles logo ‒ “Teenage Mutant Ninja” in white uppercase letters on a red banner and the word “TURTLES” below it. The arched “TURTLES” is in green and turtle stylized. The typeface is thick and somewhat distressed.

Ninja Turtles logo


Ninja Turtles Font