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The essence of The Safety lies at the heart of its operations, focusing solely on the real-world application and efficacy of its systems. With a dedicated approach to enhancing safety measures, The Safety integrates cutting-edge technologies and methodologies in high-pressure gas dynamics, storage, and automation to serve its global clientele. This commitment underpins every facet of its operation, ensuring reliability and excellence in the field of safety engineering.

Meaning and history

Founded in 2002 as a crucial component of the NK Group, The Safety has carved a niche for itself as the exclusive maritime service partner within the conglomerate. Entrusted with managing NK Group’s global sales and after-sales service network, The Safety has established itself as a pivotal entity in the maritime industry. Central to its success are its groundbreaking achievements in the development and deployment of high-pressure gas applications and pneumatically operated systems. Specializing in fire suppression systems, gas filling stations, and water treatment technologies, The Safety has become synonymous with innovation and quality in these domains. Its comprehensive service offering spans engineering, logistics, sales, operation, and consultation, catering to a wide array of business sectors. Today, The Safety stands as a leader in its field, recognized for its unparalleled expertise and commitment to advancing safety technologies and services globally.

What is The Safety?
The Safety, aligned with South Korea’s NK Group, excels as the sole maritime service affiliate since 2002. Specializing in high-pressure gas systems and safety engineering, it offers innovative solutions in fire suppression, gas stations, and water treatment, marking its leadership in the industry.

2002 – Today

The Safety Logo

This logo consists of the words “THE SAFETY” in a bold, capitalized sans-serif font, which conveys a sense of modernity and approachability. The square icon to the left acts as a bullet point, drawing attention to the company name. The yellow color of the square symbolizes caution and alertness, associated with safety and warning signs. Its placement before the text implies that the company prioritizes safety above all else. Overall, the design is sleek, direct, and easily recognizable, qualities essential for a company likely concerned with clarity and precision in the field of safety.