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While the investment holding conglomerate Tencent is based in China, its ambitions spread far beyond the boundaries of its country, so it’s only natural that the main logo is in English. However, it also has a domestic emblem, where the name of the enterprise is given not only in English but in Chinese as well.

Meaning and history

Tencent Logo history


1998 – 2017

Tencent Logo-1998

The Tencent logo, designed in 1998, has based on the name of the company and became a basis for the badge we all can see today, starting from the shapes and concept and finishing with its color palette. It was lettering in two languages, set in one line, with the English name slightly italicized. Both company names were written in calm light blue color, its tender and friendly shade, which balanced the sharp arrow-like element in the last letter “T”, which was replacing its horizontal bar.

A few years later, the company started using the shortened version of the logo, with only the Latin lettering, executed in blue and set on a white background.

2017 – Today

Tencent Logo

The insignia is given in an italicized sans serif type. In spite of the fact that the Tencent logo doesn’t include an icon, it’s instantly recognizable due to the distinctive sharp details on the “n’s” and “t.”

Font and color

Tencent symbol
The custom slanted sans-serif typeface of the title case Tencent wordmark was created exclusively for the company but is based on one of such fonts as Soyombo Bold, Fabre Sans Pro 75 Halbfett, or Olivier Sans Semi Bold Italic Ex, but with the contours and lines modified and the last “T” stylized.

As for the color palette of the logo, it has barely changed since the very first Tencent badge, the intense yet calm shade of blue and plain white background is a combination, used by many technology companies across the globe. It stands for protection, innovative approach, and professionalism.