Alcoa Logo

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Alcoa Logo
Alcoa Corporation is an industrial company registered in the USA. The company has a rather long history; it was founded in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in 1888 by Charles Martin Hall, the inventor of aluminium electrical smelting process. At that time, the enterprise was called “Pittsburgh Reduction Company. Today’s name, Aluminum Company of America and its acronym “Alcoa” it received in 1910. The company went through many periods of economic and legal difficulties but eventually managed to become come one of the most sustainable corporations worldwide. Today Alcoa is ranked as the eighth among the biggest producers of aluminium in the world.  In 2017, it received a net income of about 217 million US dollars.

The logo, its history and meaning

Alcoa Logo history

The first logo of the company, developed in 1894, was a circle with a cross made up of the abbreviation of its initial name, “T.P.R.Co” and the word “aluminum”. The four sectors formed by the circle and the cross were bearing a five-pointed star each. In 1910, when the company received its current name “Alcoa” the logo sustained a minor change, the old abbreviation in the cross was replaced with the new one, A.C.O.A. In both cases, the logo was black and white.
In 1929, a new black and white logo was developed. The existing round emblem was placed inside a Norman shield and the brand name “ALCOA” was written in block letters in its upper part.
In 1955, appeared the company’s first coloured logo. It was a white rectangle with a grey rim, inside which there were two triangles, orange and light blue, a blue name “Alcoa” and a black word “aluminum”, as well as a small copy of the previous variation of the company’s logo. In 1963, this logo was replaced by an emblem made up of three white diamonds forming a triangle on the background of a blue square. The lower part of the upper diamond was red.
Logo Alcoa
The current version of the Alcoa logo was introduced in 1999. It had the same emblem with three diamonds, but this time all its elements were in dark lapis blue colour. Below the emblem was the wordmark “ALCOA” in block letters of the same colour as the emblem. The logo was modified in 2016, when the emblem, the same geometrical figure of three diamonds, lost its square background and was put separately. The wordmark below the emblem also received new graphics, its letters became less industrial and more rounded, resembling the commercial font Neuzeit S Book Heavy. Both the wordmark and the emblem have the same lapis blue colour, but lighter than the previous version. There is also a “horizontal” variant of the logo, in which a smaller image of the emblem is placed to the left of the wordmark on the same line. Explaining the meaning of the corporation’s emblem, Alcoa officials underline that the logo is to highlight the company’s global scope and the style of its operations.