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Technicolor is the name of one of the oldest French communications companies, which was established in 1893 as Thomson SARL. Today the company operates globally, having its subsidiary in the United States, and specializing in animation, filming, and entertainment industries.

Meaning and history

Technicolor Logo history

Until the 1990s, the visual identity of a French company has always n executed in a monochrome color palette and had a bright red accent in it only once. But starting from 1990, the Technicolor logo has become colorful and dynamic, evoking a smile and sense of friendliness.

The Technicolor logo we all can see today was designed in 2010. It is composed of a light gray wordmark in the lowercase, executed in a simple and clean sans-serif typeface with smooth contours and classic cuts of the letters.

Under the wordmark, there is an emblem, which also plays an underline part for the lettering. The geometric emblem is composed of several colorful rectangles of different heights, which show all the rainbow color palette, reflecting the industry of the company and its specialization.

Technicolor Logo

The emblem also reminds of a sound equalizer, pointing on the creative and progressive approach of the company with a very rich history and intense legacy.

The Technicolor logo is a mix of simplicity and brightness, seriousness and playfulness, confidence, and future-thinking.

It is a brilliant example of a contemporary visual identity design, which uses many colors but doesn’t look overloaded or tasteless.