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Taste of Texas stands out as a celebrated culinary institution deeply rooted in the heart of Texas, renowned for its exceptional steak offerings and commitment to delivering a quintessential Texan dining experience. Established by Nina and Edd Hendee in 1977, this family-owned and operated steakhouse has become a beacon of Texas hospitality and culinary excellence. Operating out of Houston, Texas, the restaurant prides itself on serving only the finest steaks sourced from top-quality Texas beef, ensuring each dish is imbued with local flavors and traditions.

Meaning and history

Founded by Nina and Edd Hendee in 1977, Taste of Texas quickly established itself as a cornerstone of Texas cuisine, embodying the rich culinary traditions and hospitable spirit of the Lone Star State. From its inception, the Hendee family set out to create more than just a restaurant; they aimed to offer an immersive experience that celebrates Texas history, culture, and the art of steak preparation. Over the years, Taste of Texas has garnered acclaim for its commitment to quality, from sourcing the finest cuts of meat to its meticulous preparation methods that highlight the unique flavors of Texas beef.

A key achievement for Taste of Texas has been its steadfast dedication to sustainability and local sourcing, setting a standard in the industry for responsible restaurant operations. The restaurant’s success is also marked by its expansive selection of wines, which complements its steak offerings and enhances the dining experience. As a testament to its enduring appeal, Taste of Texas has not only attracted a loyal local following but has also become a destination for visitors seeking the authentic Texas steakhouse experience.

Today, Taste of Texas holds a prestigious position within the culinary community, recognized both for its culinary excellence and its role in promoting Texas culture. Under the continued leadership of the Hendee family, the restaurant remains committed to its founding principles of quality, hospitality, and community engagement, ensuring that it continues to be a beloved institution for generations to come.

What is Taste of Texas?
Taste of Texas is a renowned steakhouse that epitomizes the essence of Texan hospitality and culinary tradition. Owned and operated by the Hendee family since 1977, it offers a premium dining experience with a focus on locally sourced steaks and a deep appreciation for Texas heritage.

The Logo

Taste of Texas Logo

The logo is for a restaurant named “Taste of Texas.” The design is elegant and straightforward, featuring a serif typeface that gives it a classic and sophisticated look. The name of the restaurant is split into three words: “TASTE” on the right, “of” in the middle, and “TEXAS” on the left, with the word “of” being significantly smaller, providing a visual hierarchy that emphasizes the words “TASTE” and “TEXAS.” The color scheme is a combination of black text with a metallic bronze star, which adds a touch of rustic elegance typical of Texan style. The star is a five-pointed shape, and it has a weathered texture that suggests a connection to tradition and history. Above the star, the text “EST. 1977” denotes the establishment year of the restaurant, a long-standing presence, and experience in serving food. The overall design communicates a sense of established quality and a connection to Texas identity.

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