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Starting from the very first version, the Wendys logo has always featured the face of a red-hairedgirl, after whom the restaurant chain was named.

Meaning and historyWendys logo history

The visual identity history of the famous fast-food chain has always been executed in one style and color palette and all seven versions of the emblem featured the same typeface color except for the logo, introduced by the company in 2013.

1969 – 1971

Wendys Logo 1969

The logo, introduced by the company in 1969 featured a circular emblem placed on a wild-west cowboy-style nameplate with two lines of the lettering. The upper line was written in red, with the “Wendy’s” in the title-case, waved upright. The emblem with a red-hair girl was located on the left from the red inscription and underlined by a thin black ornament, dividing the bright and intense level from the monochrome one, where the “Old Fashioned Hamburgers” wordmark was set in black capitals of a fancy custom typeface.

1971 – 1975

Wendys Logo 1971

In 1971 the contours of the logo were slightly modified, but it was still composed of red and black lettering and a portrait of Wendy’s founder’s daughter, enclosed in a circular frame. The only new thing on this version was a “Quality is Our Recipe” motto, which was sometimes added to the badge.

1975 – 1978

Wendys Logo 1975

The redesign of 1975 changed the typeface of the bottom part of the logo, writing the “Hamburgers” in thicker lines, and making the “Old Fashioned” inscription a bit smaller than on the previous rebadged. The portrait of a girl was also redrawn, making her face white, which created a stronger color contrast and made the whole image brighter.

1978 – 1982

Wendys Logo 1978

In 1978 the emblem was placed in a bright yellow rectangular banner, and the upper part of the nameplate was set on red, writing the name of the restaurant chain in white thick lines, keeping the original typeface. The “Old Fashioned” was moved to the center of the line, like it was in the very first version of the logo.

1982 – 2013

Wendys Logo 1982

The circular emblem with the portrait moved to the top part of the badge and the main color of the background was switched to red in 1992. The “Wendy’s” inscription got enlarged and refined, while the “Old Fashioned Hamburgers” got their contours slightly narrowed and was set on a yellow banner on the bottom part of the emblem.

2007 – 2013

Wendys Logo 2007

In 2007 the logo was simplified by removing its bottom part, and now it was composed of a red and white banner with “Wendy’s” wordmark on it and a circular emblem with the girl’s face above it. The badge was outlined in thin black, and looked modern and bright, reflecting the professionalism and the traditional approach of the company.

2013 – Today

Wendys logo

With the redesign of 2013, the fast-food chain adopted a completely different logo. Though it was still built around two elements, a red-hair girl portrait in a circular frame and a red “Wendy’s” wordmark under it, the style and execution of both parts were more modern and progressive than it used to be. The new inscription is executed in a rounded sans-serif typeface with sleek thick lines, looking friendly and welcoming, while the girl’s portrait got slightly enlarged and now her hair is coming out of the thin black frame.

Current emblem

Wendys emblem

As the result of the 2013 redesign, the logo adopted a friendlier, inviting look. The top of the girl’s head, as well as her braids, are now peeking out of the circle, while her shoulders are no longer visible. Because of these modifications, more emphasis is put on the face, and her smile looks more eye-catching. The retro frame around the logo disappeared. The word “mom” may be noticed on Wendy’s collar.


Font Wendys Logo

In the 2013 Wendys logo, the old-fashioned serif typeface, which had been used since 1969,was replaced by a modern script resembling handwriting.


Color Wendys Logo

The combination of red, light blue, and black with the white background creates a vibrant, attractive contrast.