Dunkin Donuts Logo

Dunkin Donuts Logo

The global donut company and coffeehouse Dunkin’ Donuts adopted its first logo in 1950, the same year it was founded. It was a dark red wordmark in a cursive script very similar to handwriting.

Meaning and history Dunkin Donuts Logo

Dunkin Donuts Logo history

The company’s mascot, called Dunkie, appeared on the Dunkin Donuts logo in 1955. The dancing Dunkie’s body was made of a mug, while his hands, legs, and head were made of donuts. Over the mug, the 1950 script logo could be seen. This version was registered in 1961.

Evolution of the symbol Dunkin Donuts

Dunkin Donuts Symbol

In 1960, the hot pink color made its debut on the logo. The symbol itself depicted a stylized coffee cup with the words “Dunkin’ Donuts” given as a circle.

In 1976, the orange color appeared on the emblem. The updated logotype consisted only of the company’s name.

Emblem Dunkin Donuts

Dunkin Donuts emblem

In addition to the pink-and-orange wordmark, the current version, which was adopted in 2006, includes a steaming coffee cup outlined in brown with a “DD” monogram.

Font of the Dunkin Donuts Logo

Font Dunkin Donuts Logo

The typeface looks very similar to the Frankfurter and Debussy fonts. The letters look plump and round to the point of being appetizing, which seems perfectly natural for a company specializing in donuts.

Color of Dunkin Donuts Logo

Color Dunkin Donuts Logo

The combination of magenta and orange on the white background creates a cheerful, happy mood.

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