Bonefish Grill Logo

Bonefish Grill logoBonefish Grill Logo PNG

Bonefish Grill is the name of the American restaurant, which is specialized in seafood and fish. The business was opened in 2000 and today has numerous restaurants across the country, including locations in the most famous touristic destinations.

Meaning and history

The Bonefish Grill logo is modern and cool, just as the trendy restaurant’s visual identity has to be like. It is composed of a wordmark with an emblem.

The brand’s name inscription in all capital letters is executed in a slightly narrowed bold geometric font with sharp angles. It looks strong and contemporary and balanced by a funny emblem between the two words of the nameplate.

Bonefish Grill Logo

The fish skeleton in dark gold is drawn in thin lines and looks very fresh and stylish. The unique emblem is instantly recognizable and associated with the brand, which is the most important for any visual identity.

The Bonefish Grill logo is enclosed in a geometrically shaped frame, which is a trapezoid with its wider side on top arched. The frame adds a sense of a traditional approach to the hospitality business and makes the logo design more friendly and welcoming. Executed in black, it balances the wordmark and accents the famous emblem.