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TapouT is an American brand of casual and sportswear, which was established in 1997. Today it is one of the America’s and world’s largest companies  in the industry.

Meaning and history

TapouT Logo history

1997 – 2015

The old TapouT logo already featured the arc effect that is the distinctive feature of the current version.
Originally, the arc was more pronounced. There were unusual details in some of the letters, for instance, the “A” (the extended bar), the “P” (the gap), and the “U” (the shortened right end).
Also, the black letters had a white and black outline. It didn’t make the design cleaner and slightly damaged the legibility.

2015 – 2017

Tapout logo

The TapouT logo is a good example of the sport lifestyle brand’s identity. It is sharp, energetic and powerful. The logo is composed of a wordmark and the label’s symbol.

The wordmark is executed in a classic bold font with straight and neat lines. The letters are getting smaller while moving to the center of the nameplate, with the big letters “T” on both sides. It evokes the sense of growth and the brand’s huge coverage.

The emblem is a geometrical representation of the brand’s name. It is composed of the letters “T” and “O”, where the “T” is drawn as an arrow, looking up, and coming out of angular “O”.

As TapouT works closely with gyms and sports drinks and supplements companies, it’s logo is very universal, and can be placed on any package, keeping its confidence and trustworthy. It is clean and simple, yet powerful and energetic.