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Pura López is the name of a footwear brand, which was established in Spain in the middle of the 1950s. The business started from a small workshop in the south of the country, and by today has grown into one of Spain’s most famous shoe manufacturing labels.

Meaning and history

Although the brand was established by Antonio López Morena in 1956, the current name, Pura López, was given to it only in the middle of the 1980s. It happened when Antonio’s daughter, Pura, came back from her studying in New York and joined the family business. The first two collections of the young designer had a huge success, so the family decided to rebrand the label and to concentrate on the production of only women’s footwear, as before there were attempts to launch a line for men too.

All models of the brand are of high quality and practicality, which depends not only on natural materials used in the manufacturing process but also on the use of proven technologies. All shoes of the brand are carefully designed and brought to life in the best possible way.

The main target of Pura López is to provide their customers with shoes, which will allow ladies to walk more and not get tired. This is why apart from the design side of the business, the most important role is given to the technologies, to ensure that the models with high heels or platforms are as stable and comfortable as possible. The approach of Pura López to comfort and ergonomics was so successful that many forms of heels started to be borrowed and adopted by other designers.

The brand is actively growing, and releases two collections a year, with 200 models of shoes in each. Today, the shoes of the brand can be found all over the globe, and are loved by many celebrities and internationally renowned fashionistas.

What is Pura López?

Pura López is a European footwear brand, which was established in Spain in 1956, and got its name after the founder’s (Antonio López Moreno) daughter. Today the brand is very popular all across the globe for its elegant and comfortable collections of women’s shoes.

As for the visual identity, the Spanish shoemaking brand chooses the path of simplicity and elegance. The logo of the label is composed of black lettering set on a white background and executed in a sophisticated yet stable font.

1986 – Today

Pura Lopez Logo

The Pura Lopez logo, in its main version, features the name of the brand in black over the white background. The design team opted for a classic serif type with elegant serifs. You can notice that the strokes have various widths, which is reminiscent of the ancient craft of calligraphy. The accent above the “o” only reinforces the stylish and elegant impression.

The font, used for the Pura López logotype is very similar to such types as Didot and Bodoni, the most well-known luxury fonts, loved by fashion magazines and high-end brands.