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Taobao is the name of the largest marketplace in Asia. The platform was created in 2003 by Alibaba Group, a group of companies engaged in online trading.
Taobao is tens of thousands of large and small online stores gathered in one place, and the number is constantly growing.
Taobao is an opportunity to buy both in retail and wholesale, with a convenient interface and detailed information about the products.

Meaning and history

Taobao is a resource with a mega-extensive assortment and a wide range of goods in different price categories. In fact, here you will find everything: clothes and accessories, footwear, hats, household appliances.

Taobao is the same as Aliexpress, but for the domestic market in China, and unlike Aliexpress, the range of products on Taobao, probably 2-3 orders of magnitude greater than the range of products on Aliexpress. It sells EVERYTHING.

Taobao Logo

The visual identity of the platform is a very minimalist yet cool and bold representation of this huge assortment of goods you can find on Taobao. The orange and white color palette perfectly shows the purpose of the service — to provide its customers with any item possible to find on the internet, for the minimum price and with the safest and fastest delivery.

The logo is based on the wordmark in Chinese, set above the name of the website in Latin letters, written in the title case. And this is more than enough — bold symbols, bright colors, and a lot of goods to surf through.

Font and color

Taobao Font

The lettering in Chinese, which makes the main part of the Taobao visual identity, is written with sleek bold lines, featuring rounded angles and slight curves. The inscription looks very elegant, though due to the thickness of the lines, it also evokes a sense of power and stability.

As for the color palette, the combination of orange and white is a super good solution for any marketplace, as represents the variety better than any other color scheme. Orange is a color of happiness, energy, and power, while white stands for loyalty, transparency, and trust.

Taobao Icon

Taobao Icon

For its icon, the largest Chinese marketplace Taobao uses the first hieroglyph from its name in Chinese. The symbol of usually written in thick white lines and placed on a plain intense orange square with rounded angles. Though you can also meet gradient or reverse version of the Taobao signifier.

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