Kroger Logo

Kroger Logo

Whatever alterations the Kroger logo has gone through, it has preserved its distinctive feature – the iconic curves on the letters “K” and “g”.

Meaning and history Kroger Logo

Logo Kroger

Although the company was established in 1883, we will start describing its logotypes from the 1939 one. It looked entirely different from the current logo, except for the letters “K” and “g”. The name of the convenience store was placed inside a black rectangular shape, on top of which an elephant could be seen.

The 1961 symbol Kroger

Kroger Symbol

The 1961 redesign resulted in a logo that looked almost the same as the current one. The wordmark in an updated typeface was positioned inside a red ellipse frame.

The 2006 emblem Kroger

Kroger emblem

The 2006 logo was originally created for the Kroger fuel centers. Each of the colors had its unique geographic symbolism, representing the US, the Pacific Ocean, Canada, the Atlantic Ocean, and the Gulf of Mexico respectively.

Font of the Kroger Logo

Font Kroger Logo

Although the typeface has been altered throughout the company’s history, it has stayed remarkably consistent in the distinctive curves on the letters “K” and “g” – even the 1939 version of the Kroger logo already had them.

Color of the Kroger Logo

Color Kroger Logo

The standard logo is incredibly minimalistic in terms of color: it features only white and blue. However, we can’t but mention the 2006 version combining white, dark blue, red, green, and yellow.