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Masters Tournament, or simply Masters, is the name of one of the most prestigious and well-known golf tournaments in the United States. The first Masters’ championship was held in 1934, and since then more than 80 tournaments have passed. Masters has its tournaments held on in the Augusta National ahold Club in Georgia, a professional golf course with 27 holes.

Meaning and history

Masters Tournament is the first men’s major golf championship of the season, which is held annually at Augusta National Golf Club, an elaborately landscaped course that hosts the tournament for more than 80 years by now.

The winner of the championship receives the Masters’ green jacket and a lifetime pass to play in this prestigious tournament. It is more than just a win or a title, it is a tradition and a true honor, the highest golf status possible.

One of the most high-profile events in the world of golf, The Masters’ Tournament, the first of four Majors, the premier and most prestigious tournaments in men’s professional golf. Officially, the Masters has the status of an invitation-only tournament, but there is a certain set of qualifying criteria that determine who can be a participant in the event.

What is Masters Tournament?

Masters Tournament is the most prestigious golf championship in the United States, which is being held annually since 1934 in Georgia. It is an invitation-only tournament and the first of four American Majors in men’s Golf.

In terms of visual identity, The Masters is being loyal to its roots and traditions, keeping its original logo untouched since the middle of the 1930s. The badge light seems to be too simple or even naive, but it has everything in it — timelessness, brig color palette, and the nationwide character.

1934 — Today

Masters Tournament Logo

The Masters’ logo, designed in 1934, featured a combination of a simple yet massive emblem and two-leveled lettering, which can be set where on the right of the image, or under it. Also, the shortened version of the badge with just the first part of the inscription is often used for advertising materials.

The emblem of the Masters’ Tournament depicts a solid yellow silhouette of the USA map, outlined in green, with a green and white shadow, adding some volume to the picture. The yellow body of the map has a white hole with a green and red golf flag set on the bottom right part, right where the Georgia State is located.

As for the lettering, it is set in green bold lines of a custom cursive typeface. The uppercase lettering (with the first letters of both words enlarged) is italicized and looks elegant and tender, adding a touch of sophistication and class to the simple emblem of the tournament. The typeface used for The Masters’ logo looks very similar to the New Baskerville font, with the lines of some letters elongated and curved.