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System of a Down is the name of an American heavy-metal band, which was created in 1994 in Southern California. The band is also known as SOAD and is one of the world’s most famous groups in its genre.

Meaning and history

System of a Down Logo historyThe band got its name from the vocalist’s, Daron Malakian, the early poem “Victims of a Down”. The SOAD logo has changed three times during its history but was always composed of a wordmark in a monochrome palette.

2001 — 2002

System of a Down Logo 2001The first band’s logotype was executed in Hollywood-style typeface, repeating the waves of the famous sign.

2002 — 2005

System of a Down Logo 2002The second wordmark was in all-caps script lettering with an underline, and appeared on “Steal This Album” cover.

2005 — Today

System of a Down logo

The third logo was a base for the current one. It is a grunge style wordmark in Blake all-caps thick letters, which resembles of Benton Sans Extra Comp Bold font.

The current System of a Down logo features the same typeface as the previous one, by it is located in three floors now with “OF A” extended. The pallets are switched — now the letters are white on a black background.

The System of a Down logo is strict and strong, showing the band’s character and energy.


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