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Asking Alexandria is a metalcore band, which was formed in 2006 in the U.K by Ben Bruce, a guitar player. It is an award-winning and one of the most popular screamo and heavy metal bands all over the world.

Meaning and history

Asking Alexandria Logo

The band got its name after several attempts of its members to create something that would suit them, when James Cassells said: “Let’s try asking Alexandria for a name”, referring to Danny Worsnop’s cousin. That’s how the name was born.

The Asking Alexandria logo is modern and memorable. It is composed of a wordmark in a monochrome palette with thin lines crossing the letters, which makes the logo more vivid and dynamic.

The wordmark is executed in thick and confident lettering, that is close to Helvetica bold. The “Asking” part has bigger letters and is placed above “Alexandria”. Both words share the first “A”.

Asking Alexandria emblem

The band also has an emblem, which is composed of two letters “A”, with their inner sides meeting at the bottom point, and their exterior parts’ elongated tails create an M-shaped silhouette.