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Symbian is the name of the operating system, developed in 1998 for mobile phones. The software was pretty successful during its first years, being used by such smartphone manufacturers as Samsung and Nokia, but after the introduction of iOS and Android, the company was closed.

Meaning and history

Symbian Logo history

In its very beginning, Symbian was a very successful and promising company, which implemented many innovations and interesting ideas into the development of its smartphone operating system. And the visual identity of the software company looked fresh and progressive.

1998 – 2008

Symbian Logo 1998

The initial Symbian insignia was text-based, but looked cool and had one bright element in it, which made the logo instantly recognizable and eye-catching. It was a bold lowercase logotype in black color, with its letters executed in a smooth modern sans-serif typeface with solid and a bit narrowed contours of the letters and distinct cuts of its slightly curved tails. The letter “I” was drawn in blue and yellow, having both parts emboldened and softened. The “OS” lettering was written in thin black lines and placed under the right part of the main logotype.

2009 – Today

Symbian logo

In 2009 the Symbian visual identity was a redesign, but it didn’t stay for long, as a few months later the company was closed. The new logotype of the smartphone os was bright and cool, with monochrome hand-drawn lettering placed on a bright yellow brush background, and small yellow dots around it. The new color palette looked delightful and energetic, evoking a sense of progress and free spirit.