GIMP is the name of a graphic editor, designed in 1996 by Spencer Kimball and Peter Mattis. The software is available for Mac, Windows, and Linux and has a wide audience all over the world.

Meaning and history

GIMP Logo history

1996 – 2007

GIMP Logo-1996
The funny and friendly GIMP dog was introduced in 1996 and executed in a calm and dark brown and black color palette with some gradients and white accents, which made the image look brighter and more professional. The ears of the dog were long and sharp, resembling the tail of the brush, the animal was holding in its teeth.

2007 – Today


The playful GIMP visual identity was first created in 1996 and only slightly modified once, in 2007.

The iconic GIMP brown dog, holding a paintbrush in his mouth, had slightly elongated ears on the first version of the logo, which made it look more like a cow, but after the redesign of 2007, the contours of the dog’s head were refined.

The warm brown color palette of the GIMP logo evokes a sense of confidence and safety, showing the professionalism of the software, while the brush shows its purpose — working with graphics.

The GIMP visual identity is friendly and instantly recognizable. There is no need in any inscriptions or additional symbols when you look at the GIMP logo, you understand what it represents and what it stands for.

It is simple and slightly naive, and these two qualities make it truly remarkable and memorable.