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PhonePe is an Indian company, engaged in the digital payments and financial technology segment. It was established in 2015, and today its application, based on a unified payment interface, is used by millions of people.

Meaning and history

PhonePe is an application that allows its users to easily make secure transactions in all parts of India. Using the UPI platform, you can instantly transfer money from one bank to another. Users can use their virtual payment address or cell phone number.

PhonePe was created to make UPI Payments, Recharges & Money Transfers easy and fast for its users. The application has no ads and no paid content, it is fully focused on providing high-quality secure services, so you only need to deposit money to create your account, transfer money or pay for services or goods in just one click.

PhonePe is a convenient application that allows you to make all the necessary money transactions at any convenient time and in any place.

What is PhonePe?
PhonePe is the name of a digital payments company that makes it easy for you to send and receive money. The company, which developed India’s first UPI-based payment application, was established in 2015, and today is one of the most popular app providers in this segment in its region.

In terms of visual identity, the PhonePe app is modern and confident. Its logo, based on a combination of a delicate emblem and heavy smooth lettering, is set in a bright purple color palette, which makes the brand stand out in the list of its competitors.

2015 – Today

PhonePe Logo

The PhonePe logo, designed in 2015, hasn’t been changed by the company throughout the years, and it perfectly represents the brand and its main values. The badge is composed of a purple and white emblem, where the white symbol is drawn over a solid purple circle, followed by a bold sans-serif logotype in the same shade of purple. The badge looks pretty modest and friendly due to the rounded elements in both the wordmark and the icon, and its colors make the logo look modern and fresh.

Font and color

PhonePe Emblem

The bold and smooth lettering from the primary badge of the Indian PhonePe company is set in a modern sans-serif font with the title case characters executed in thick soft lines, with some ends rounded, and some cut straight. The closest fonts to the one, used in this insignia, are, probably, Sancoale Softened Bold, or Anteb Bold, but with some visible modifications of the characters’ contours.

However, there is also a secondary version of the PhonePe badge, with the lettering set in a simpler and lighter type. In this version, the brand uses a font, similar to Araboto Normal, or Unitext Regular.

As for the color palette of the PhonePe visual identity, it is based on a combination of intense purple and white, which looks fresh, juicy, and confident. Purple is a symbol of imagination and creativity, and also stands for mindfulness and wisdom, while white represents loyalty, transparency, and security.