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Gitlab is the name of a web application and software code repository management system for the Git distributed version control system. In other words, it is a web portal for managing Git repositories. In addition to the storage function, it has its own mechanisms for continuous integration (CI) and code delivery (CD), as well as a bug tracking system.

Meaning and history

Gitlab Logo history

Gitlab is a web application and software code repository management system for Git. The software offers a solution for code storage and collaborative development of large-scale projects. The repository includes a version control system to host different development chains and branches, allowing developers to check code and roll back to a stable version of the software in case of unforeseen problems.
GitLab is a major competitor to GitHub. Both services are designed to be used by groups of developers, so many of the features and capabilities of GitHub and GitLab overlap. However, there are also differences, so everyone chooses what suits him best.

What is Gitlab?
Gitlab is a tool for storing and managing Git repositories. It enables collaborative development across teams, code updates, and rollback of changes as needed. It can run on your own server or in the cloud.

As for the visual identity, the web application boasts a stylish and very bright emblem, which is instantly recognizable and associated with the software. The logo is composed of two parts, with its cool emblem accompanied by simple and strict lettering, which balances the look of the badge and adds a sense of professionalism to the image.

2011 – 2022

Gitlab Logo 2011

The GitLab logo, created in 2011, is executed in a vivid and delightful orange color palette, where different shades of this juice and blissful color are used. The emblem features an abstract image of Fox’s head, formed by several triangles in various shades of orange. All triangles are narrow and pointing down, apart from two dark orange ones, replacing the ears of the animal.

As for the lettering, it is set under the graphical part of the badge, in a custom sans-serif typeface, which is somewhere close to such fonts as Zeppelin 32 and Deja Book, but with the contours of some letter modified. The inscription is set in a light gray color, which makes the bright orange emblem of the web application look stricter and more professional.

2022 – Today

Gitlab Logo

The updated logo of the system looks bolder and at the same time friendlier. The larger, black lettering gives the logo a more powerful look, while the rounded forms of the tanuki created an image of user-friendly and convenient software. The company was able to bring a new brand image while preserving the key elements its users identified it with. These are the name and, most importantly, its symbol – the Japanese raccoon dog that represents a clever animal that achieves a desired goal through group work.

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