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Procreate, owned by Savage Interactive, is a cutting-edge digital painting application designed primarily for the iOS platform. Established in Tasmania, Australia, this innovative software has become a go-to choice for artists, illustrators, and graphic designers globally. Developed to run seamlessly on Apple devices like the iPad, Procreate has made a significant mark in the digital art world, offering an intuitive interface combined with powerful features. Its impressive brush library, time-lapse recording, and touch gesture shortcuts make it a highly preferred tool in the creative community. Amidst a plethora of digital tools available, Procreate stands out due to its user-friendly nature and robust functionalities.

Meaning and history

Procreate Logo history

Founded in 2011 by James Cuda and Alastair Cuda, Procreate is the brainchild of Savage Interactive, aiming to revolutionize the realm of digital artistry. Based out of Tasmania, this award-winning digital painting app quickly made waves, offering an unparalleled combination of power, speed, and precision. Some of its standout achievements include winning an Apple Design Award and being featured multiple times in Apple’s annual best-of lists. The app’s unique features, such as real-time brush previews and dynamic brush tilting, have captivated millions. As of recent times, Procreate maintains its dominant position in the digital art landscape, with frequent updates and enhancements, ensuring its relevance in the ever-evolving world of technology and design.

What is Procreate?
Procreate is a digital painting application developed by Savage Interactive. Designed primarily for iOS devices like the iPad, it offers artists and designers a powerful platform to create, sketch, and illustrate. Renowned for its user-friendly interface and robust features, it’s a top choice in the digital art community.

2010 – 2013

Procreate Logo 2010

Emerging against the serene canvas of a soft gray backdrop, this logo manifests as a meticulously crafted leaf, exuding a spectrum of colors. Starting with a radiant yellow at its base, it seamlessly transitions through lustrous greens, and calming blues, and finally culminates in a regal violet at its tapered tip. The undulating shape of the leaf, paired with its impeccable gradient, resembles a paintbrush stroke made by an artist on a tranquil evening. The central rib of the leaf adds a touch of realism, while its gradient colors reflect the various stages of life, growth, and transformation.

2013 – 2015

Procreate Logo 2013

Set against the depth of a midnight-black background, this logo comes alive as an enchanting leaf swathed in a dance of iridescent colors. Its foundation glows with a sun-kissed yellow, gradually morphing through tranquil blues and passionate pinks, ending in a profound shade of amethyst. The silhouette of the leaf, with its gentle curves and sharp tip, mirrors the elegance of a flickering flame on a quiet night. The vivid play of colors, contrasting with the dark backdrop, mirrors the shimmering northern lights in a clear arctic sky, making it a symbol of nature’s marvels and mysteries.

2015 – Today

Procreate Logo

The logo emanates a sense of avant-garde artistry, epitomizing modern design at its finest. At its core, the design centers around a stunningly depicted feather, gently curving in an arc, creating an evocative and dynamic shape. The elegance of the feather’s form is only surpassed by the kaleidoscope of colors that cascade down its spine. Beginning with a passionate magenta, it seamlessly transitions through a spectrum that includes azure blues, sun-kissed oranges, and verdant greens. Each hue seems to tell a story, invoking emotions and memories unique to every observer.

Set against the stark contrast of a deep black background, the feather doesn’t just stand out—it commands attention. The background’s obsidian expanse offers a canvas that elevates the central motif, making it seem as if the feather is glowing, an ethereal light amidst the surrounding darkness. The silhouette of the emblem, which is gently rounded, offers a contemporary touch, allowing for versatility in branding across various platforms.

In essence, this logo is a masterclass in combining simplicity with depth. While it draws viewers in with its vibrant colors and striking design, it retains their attention with its underlying complexity and the emotions it evokes. A true testament to the power of minimalist yet impactful design.