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Glencore International AG is a Swiss public company, one of the world’s largest crude oil traders. It is also a recognized supplier of natural energy resources and rare earth materials. The company was founded in April 1974 in the Swiss town of Baar specializing at the outset in crude oil and minerals marketing. In 2008, its year turnover reached a level of 152 billion US dollars, while the net income was 4, 75 billion US dollars.

Meaning and history

Glencore logo

The Glencore logo, which dates back to 1974, the year of the company’s foundation, is very concise and straightforward. It consists of the brand name written in block letters: “GLENCORE”. The letters of the wordmark are made with very thin and elegant graphics most close to the commercial font Gill Facia Std Regular. The letter “R” has a special feature; its leg is extended in a curve that reaches the middle of the last letter “E” and makes the logo more original and easily recognizable.  The wordmark is made in a charcoal grey colour.

What is Glencore?
Glencore is the name of an oil trading company, which was established in Switzerland in 1974. The company has several offices in Switzerland and the United Kingdom and operates internationally with a revenue of more than 200 billion USD.

Logo Glencore

The name Glencore is, in fact, an abbreviation, which means “Global Energy Commodities and Resources”. Having started almost half a century ago as a mere trading agency, today the company that is associated with the Glencore logotype has developed into one of the largest diversified natural resource enterprises in the world.  According to the firm’s Internet site, the corporate policy behind the Glencore wordmark includes openness and mutual benefit for the company and its clients, responsibility and care for environment protection, simplicity, and ongoing improvement in the company’s performance, entrepreneurialism and safety for its employees.

Font and Color

The sleek and sophisticated uppercase lettering from the official logo of Glencore is set in a very elegant serif face with elongated sharpened lines. The closest fonts to the one, used in the Glencore insignia, are, probably, LTC Record Title and Imperium, but with some minor modifications.

As for the color palette of the Glencore visual identity, it follows the most traditional way: black and white.