Stuart Weitzman logo

Stuart Weitzman logoStuart Weitzman Logo PNG

On the whole, the logo of the American shoe company Stuart Weitzman doesn’t look very different from those of most other fashion brands. It’s just the name of the brand in block capitals given in black over a white background.

Meaning and history

Stuart Weitzman logo

Currently, Stuart Weitzman’s product range comprises bags and an array of footwear, including not only shoes and boots, but also booties, pumps, flats, and sandals. There’s also an evening collection, where footwear adorned with jewels and stones can be found.

Current emblem

Stuart Weitzman emblem

On the Stuart Weitzman logo, the name of the brand is given in a single line. The proportions and shape of the letters catch your eye – the glyphs are rather wide, while the lines themselves are quite thin. Also, the thickness of the line varies within a single letter giving the insignia a touch of timeless elegance.

Old symbol

Stuart Weitzman symbol

The previous version of the Stuart Weitzman logo looked basically the same – block capitals in black over the white background. However, the typeface was slightly different – the letters were more narrow and thinner. Also, the shape of the glyphs was modified: the “A’s,” “M,” and “W” had flat ends. In addition to this, the old emblem was given in two lines.