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Anthrax is a legendary heavy-metal band, which was formed in 1981 in New York, USA. It is one of the most popular bands in its genre, which sold over 10 million records worldwide.

Meaning and history

Anthrax Logo history

1983 – 1993

Anthrax Logo 1983
The starting logo of Anthrax is the black inscription with the band name. The characters had an unequal length, and the design of the lines was rather sharp and smooth one, so the whole inscription looked aggressive and evil.

1993 – 2011

Anthrax Logo 1993
In 1993, the designers added the bold black contour for the brand name and recolored it a gradient orange.

2011 – Today

Anthrax logo

Anthrax is one of the trash metal Big Four. It is a legendary band with a rich heritage, and its logo is widely recognized all over the world.

The band was named after one of the worst diseases ever, as it sounded “sufficiently evil”.

The Anthrax logo is a custom wordmark in two variations of the color scheme — monochrome of red on black, which both are strong and powerful combinations.

Anthrax Logo

The logo was designed by Dan Spitz. The most interesting part of the wordmark is the spacing of its letters. They are located very close to each other and horizontal bars of “T” and “R” form a thick line composed of two thinner ones.

The straights bold lines of the typeface make the logo look sharp and modern, showing a character of the band and the genre it performs. It is a powerful work and a perfect reflection of the Anthrax values and philosophy.

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