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Hohner Musikinstrumente GmbH is a German private company manufacturing musical instruments. It was established in Trossingen, Germany, as early as 1857 by a clockmaker Matthias Hohner, whose name can be seen on its products until now. First of all, the firm is famous as a producer of harmonicas and melodicas. Today, the company also manufactures recorder flutes, acoustic, classical and electric guitars, banjos, accordions, drum kits, amplifiers and stands for various musical instruments. Hohner instruments have a proud record of belonging to famous artists and musicians.

Logo and its meaning

Hohner Logo

The company’s logo includes a wordmark with the brand’s name and an emblem next to it. The emblem depicts the silhouette of a man in a hat. Initially, it was in white on a background of grape purple colour spot inserted into a rectangle of dark medallion yellow tone. The male figure was split into two parts by a wide stripe with the brand name “Hohner”. The stripe was curved and gave the impression of an accordion in the hands of a musician. Lately, the emblem was modified: it is the same white figure of a musician, but now placed on a crimson red circle. The stripe with the brand name has also been changed, now it is straight resembling a guitar rather than an accordion, which reflects the change in the company’s product line.

Hohner emblem

The choice of a human figure for the emblem reflects the main philosophy of the company, that music builds a society of friendship, that Hohner instruments are made to communicate the feeling of joy and passion about music and to “help open the door” to each person encouraging them to raise the level of their performance skills.  Perfectly crafted musical instruments are not just instruments, they are a pass to the world of music and ever-enlarging circle of musicians.

Logo Hohner

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