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Stella McCartney is an English fashion house, started by the famous English designer with the same name. The company sells all sorts of womenswear, menswear, bags, accessories, footwear and similar products. They are artistic pieces of clothing, designed by the founder herself. A lot of these are famously eco-friendly and made using green materials.

Meaning and History

Stella McCartney is a daughter of Sir Paul McCartney, a member of the Beatles and a renowned eco-activist. Stella started her own fashion house in 2001. While using animal-free, environmentally friendly materials is a large focus, it’s not just what this clothing is all about. The McCartney products are colorful, bright designs with a good measure of balance and taste.

2001 – today

Stella McCartney Logo

The company’s name is used as a primary element of their logo. It’s a single line of text with mostly uppercase letters (with the only exception of a lowercase ‘c’ in ‘McCartney’). The font is a sort of linear sans-serif without any excessive components. That being said, these letters do consist of dots instead of lines. Moreover, some parts aren’t even present on the logo, such as a second bar in each letter ‘A’. The coloring is usually black or dark grey.

In addition, they like to use a heart emblem, usually positioned above the wordmark. It seems like a heart shape, drawn by hand in a single stroke. That being said, it’s also made of dots. The heart is not connected in the bottom.

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