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Sisi is an Italian brand of hosiery items and tights. The brand was established in 1924 and became a part of the Golden Lady Group in 1966. The brand is extremely popular in the countries of Eastern Europe and Russia.

Meaning and history

Sisi logo

The Sisi visual identity is all about femininity and elegance. Its playful text-based logo is instantly recognizable across the globe and is synonymous with women’s hosiery.

The Sisi wordmark with both “S” capitalized is executed in a custom typeface, where the serif today the two “S” are replaced by solid dots, repeating the dots above the letters “I”, but slightly bigger.

This stunt makes the logo instantly recognizable and unique, reflecting the essence of the brand and its lady-focus.

The monochrome color palette of the Sisi logo allows its placement on all the possible backgrounds and packages. It looks elegant and bright on the brand’s signature beige-pink packs and tags.

The Sisi logo is confident and elegant, looks timeless and modern at the same time and evokes a tender feminine feeling, performing the essential product for all the ladies across the globe.