Exxon Logo

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Exxon Logo

Exxon is a famous American petroleum company, which was organized in 1979 by John Rockefeller. Originally titled as Standard Oil, the company was one of the most influential corporations in the USA.

Meaning and history

Exxon Logo history

The company was established under the label Standard Oil and became Exxon in the 1930s, after the consolidation with Mobil in 1998, the brand changed its name again — this time to ExxonMobil.

The visual identity of the brand was always based on the original Standard Oil logo, which featured a traditional tricolor palette — red, blue and white and a classic sans-serif lettering. Through the years the brand for rid of the blue color, but the minimalistic approach and red and white combination remains.

The Exxon logo is composed of a clean geometrical wordmark with bold straight lines, executed in red. The only design element of the Exxon visual identity is its “XX” part. The two letters are combined into one sign, where the diagonal bar is crossed with two parallels.

Exxon Logo

It is a simple yet strong logo wot such a powerful and influential brand as Exxon. No extra detail needed when the color and the lines of the font already reflect the company’s energy, passion, and progress.