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Meaning and history

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The history of the Star Trek Logo is quite lengthy and varied. Since the makers of the first movie came up with the fantastic world, it has changed many logos. However, they still have something in common.

First, it is the stylized ‘A’, which is more like a check mark turned upside down. There were times when the symbol featured an asterisk and when it was presented as a kind of dash placed between the Star and the Trek, or even was used separately as the project’s symbol.


Star Trek Symbol

The symbol is quite multifaceted. Being independent, is symbolizes the movement of the Enterprise starship across space and the ship itself. Meanwhile, being confined in a circle, it is filled with the energy streaming in from the infinite Universe and unknown space, which the courageous space explorers are trying to conquer.

Also, the symbol’s popularity was proved by an exclusive experiment carried out by IBM, a leading computer technology company. With the help of a huge microscope, the Star Trek logo was composed of tiniest carbon atoms. The experiment qualified for inclusion in the Guinness Book of Records.


Star Trek Emblem

The Star Trek emblem is a much demanded element of the pop culture. Fans of the movies and other licensed media products show great interest in other items featuring the emblem. These include T-shirts, caps, pens, souvenirs, etc. By preserving the basic element in every next logo version, the project managers emphasize the continuity of stories relating to Star Trek.

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