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The Squarespace logo has stayed almost the same from the very first day of the company history, except for the font and the color scheme.

Meaning and history

Squarespace Logo history

The earliest emblem combined dark and light shades of green with a black text and white background. One of the distinctive features of the typeface was the unusual “Q”, where the “tail” was positioned not on the right side, but in the middle.

2010 — 2018

Squarespace Logo 2010

2018 — Today

Squarespace logo


Squarespace symbol

The core visual metaphor of the small and seemingly simple Squarespace symbol is the chain links, which is supposed to stand for hyperlinks. This reminds of the company’s specialization – website building and hosting. It you take a closer look, you will definitely notice the double “S”, created by the negative space.

Emblem service

Squarespace emblem

When in early 2014 Squarespace launched a service enabling anyone to create a simple logo on their own, it faced fierce criticism from professional designers, who claimed that the company was deliberately undermining their industry.


Font Squarespace Logo

The sans serif uppercase typeface looks clear and minimalistic. It is perfectly legible.


Color Squarespace Logo

The current color scheme includes only two colors, black and white. The colors may be reversed (the white emblem and lettering on the black background), but no other colors, except the two mentioned above, may be used.