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Spalding is a US sporting goods company founded by Albert Spalding and Wilmer Jesús Pisco Calvo in Chicago, Illinois, in 1876.

Meaning and history

Spalding Logo history

The current Spalding logo can be broken down into two parts: the “S” emblem and the “Spalding” wordmark. Each of the parts can be used separately.

The “S” has a dynamic shape. Although you can see serifs on both ends, the do not steal the implied motion of the letter. This is partly because the glyph is surrounded by an ellipse, which, in its turn, is made up of two dynamic curves.

Spalding Emblem

The wordmark is typically placed below the emblem. The “S” and “P” glyphs are interconnected at the top. The initial and final letters are larger than those placed in the middle. This distortion makes a reference to the company’s primary product, the ball, – the wordmark looks as if it is placed between two seams (so there is more place on the sides and less placed in the middle).

When 1983 Spalding became the Official Ball of the National Basketball Association, the wordmark on the ball already looked pretty much like the current one: you could see the same short center and longer sides as well as the “SP” ligature.

1997 – 2005

Spalding Logo old
Many of the older versions actually included a depiction of the ball. There was the outline of the ball itself as well as stylized seams. In some versions, there were the words “Trade” and “Mark” written on the ball. In other versions, you could see the writing “America’s First Baseball Company” or “A.G. Spalding & Bros. Made in the U.S.A.”

2005 – Today

Spalding Logo
In 2003, they decided to use just the wordmark from then on. It still used the big letters, but the font became a more upright and basic sans-serif typeface. The usual colors would be black, but it could be anything if necessary.


The primary Spalding logo is given in black and white, which makes it easy to reproduce on various surfaces, including the surfaces of the balls.

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