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South Atlantic League logoSouth Atlantic League Logo PNG

South Atlantic League was a minor baseball league, held for teams from the states along the Atlantic coast of US, and even beyond. The games were held for, on average, a dozen teams from all these states. It stopped in 2020, when SAL was divided into 2 smaller tournaments as part of the MiLB overhaul.

Meaning and History

South Atlantic League logo

SAL was first introduced in 1963 as a regional tournament within the bigger Minor League Baseball. It was arranged for teams based in the states along the central Atlantic coast of America, as well as neighboring states, such as Kansas and West Virginia. In 2020, it was divided into Low-A East and High-A East.

1963 – today

South Atlantic League logo

The large letters “SAL” with a baseball to the right are the focal point of the South Atlantic League logo. The baseball is depicted in a fashion that creates an illusion of motion – it leaves white and gold streaks behind. You can see the full name of the League on a banner below. There’s also the text ‘Est. 1903’, divided into two bits on the full name’s either side. It alludes to the predecessor league that started in 1903.

The coloring is usually gold and white for this emblem.


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