Logo Logo PNG is an Arab marketplace, owned by Amazon. The platform was established in 2005 by Ronaldo Moaruchawar and today is considered to be the largest e-commerce company in the Middle East. The online platform offers more than 8 million of various items, starting from IT products and finishing with nursery and maternity goods.

Meaning and history

The visual identity of the e-commerce platform is simple yet instantly recognizable and bright. The logo is composed of a wordmark with a delicate tagline, showing the company’s connection with the Amazon Group.

The lively blue color of the nameplate looks vivid on a white background and evokes a sense of friendliness and loyalty, while the black tagline accents on the company’s professionalism and expertise.

The previous version of the Souq visual identity used two colors — blue and orange, which looked playful and bright. But the new logo, designed after the acquisition of the marketplace by Amazon, is more modern and strong. Logo1

The minimalistic approach and the right choice of the colors make the logo of the online shopping platform powerful and show the company as trustworthy and loyal one.


The nameplate of the website uses two different styles of lettering — a bold sans-serif for “Souq”, which is written in all capitals, and a delicate traditional font for “An Amazon Company” tagline, placed under the wordmark and executed in the lowercase, with a signature Amazon smile symbol.

The font of the main part is very similar to Arthaus Black, designed by John Moore Type Foundry. It boasts thick futuristic lines, rounded angles of the letters and fraught strict cuts.

The tagline uses a lighter and more elegant typeface, the one close to Schuss Sans PCG Medium, with delicate stencils and thin lines.

Both typefaces balance each other and create a perfectly executed logotype, representing a huge and influential company.

Review Logo

Being a subsidiary of Amazon, the core Arab marketplace offers everything you may need in one place. The online market’s catalog includes all the possible categories of products starting with fashion and beauty and finishing with electronics and car accessories. is a relatively young company, which was founded in 2005, but it already has an audience of more than 40 million customers across the Middle East, which is expanding daily. The e-commerce platform has almost 5 thousand of employees, working in the international offices.

The company does its best to improve customer support and delivery services and to expand the list of available goods, but it is already almost close to perfection.

The online store accepts various types of payments and works with the world’s most trusted shipping companies. So the customers of the marketplace get a really good and safe shopping experience when ordering from this website.