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Shopee is the name of an Asian e-commerce platform, which was established in 2015 and headquarters in Singapore. Today the platform operates all over the globe through its numerous websites and mainly focused on the distribution of electronic goods, though the catalog of Shopee includes thousands of various items, suitable for any needs and tastes.

Meaning and history

Shopee Logo history

The bright and friendly visual identity of the Asian e-commerce portal hasn’t changed much since the day of its introduction in 2019. Though there was one redesign held in 2019, which was more about strengthening and elevating the logo of the recognizable logo, familiar to millions of the Shopee customers across the globe.

What is Shopee?

Shopee is an e-commerce platform, which was established in Singapore in 2015, and today operates in 14 countries in Asia and Latin America. The platform offers its customers a wide range of goods, including fashion, accessories, consumer electronics, and many more. 

2015 — 2019

Shopee Logo 2015

The initial Shopee logo featured a composition of a solid and intense colored emblem set in the left from a smooth and simple wordmark. Both elements of the logo were executed in a bright orange colored which is a symbol of energy and passion. The Shopee emblem is an orange shopping Bach drawn in smooth lines with rounded angles and short and bold handle. On the bag there is a white capital “S” written in the same typeface as the logotype of the brand. As for the logotype itself, it looked modest yet friendly, written in the title case of a regular rounded sans-serif typeface with full shapes of the letters and thick lines.

2019 — Today

Shopee logo

The redesign of 2019 refined the contours of the Shopee visual identity and adopted a new shade of orange, a darker and more intense one. The lettering shanked its typeface to as leaner and a more traditional sans-serif, with distinct sits of the letter lines. This means, that the white “Sl in the Shopee shopping bad emblem was also redrawn, executed in the same typeface as the refreshed logotype.

The primary version of the logo depicts an emblem set in the left from the inscription, though the secondary one has the shopping bag with the white “S” enlarged and set above the logotype.

Font and color

The Shopee lettering from the logo of the e-commerce platform is executed in the title case of a modern sans-serif typeface with rounded shapes of the letters, clean contours, and straight traditional cuts of the lines. The font, closest to the one used in this insignia is II Vorkurs Medium, although there is also some resemblance with Jet Jane Semi Bold.

As for the color palette of the Shopee visual identity, it uses a bright and intense shade of orange and accompanies it with delicate white details. The combination of orange and white stands for energy and passion, growth and movement, with a touch of loyalty and reliability.

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