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Flipkart is the name of an Indian company, which was established in 2007 and is focused on e-commerce activities. The company is partially owned by Walmart, which makes it one of the largest online shopping platforms in its region, with yearly revenue of more than 6 billion USD.

Meaning and history

Flipkart Logo history

The visual identity of Flipkart is modest and can definitely be called “usual”. The logo, composed of a simple emblem and a wordmark, is executed in a blue and yellow color palette, which was chosen by the company in its first years, and stayed with the brand after the logo redesign of 2015, but in a bit elevated way.

What is Flipkart?

 Flipkart is an Indian e-commerce platform, which was established in 2007, and by today has grown into one of the largest online shopping destinations in its region. The website offers a wide range of clothing and accessories, as well as consumer electronics, gadgets, and home improvement items.

2007 — 2015

Flipkart Logo 2007

The initial Flipcart logo was executed in yellow and white and placed on a calm dark blue background with rounded angles and the right side cut diagonally. The name of the brand’s website was written in two styles, with the “Flipkart” in large and bold white lowercase. With smooth elongated lines, and a delicate and light yellow “.com” in a smaller size. On the left of the inscription, there was a minimalist image of the shopping cart, also executed in yellow and having thin horizontal lines coming from it to the “.com” and creating an underline for the logotype.

2015 — Today

Flipkart logo

The redesign of 2015 made the Flipkart logo look more modern and solid, removing the blue background and reducing the number of elements on the logo to just two. Now the light yet still intense blue color was used for a slightly italicized logotype in a titlecase of a smooth and elegant sans-serif typeface with thick lines and softened edges and angles. On the right from the wordmark there is a new yellow and blue emblem — a carton shopping bag with a stylized blue “F” on it. The letter is written in the lowercase and has its horizontal bar elongated to the left, creating a sense of motion and speed.

Font and color

The badge of the Indian e-commerce platform has both its text and graphical parts very strong and bright. The logotype from the Flipkart badge is set in a bold slanted sans-serif font with the bright blue title case letters massive and stable. The font, used for this insignia is something in between Eigerdals Extended Black Italic and Chopsee Softee Bold Italic types.

In terms of colors, the Flipkart logo is all about brightness and intensity. The palette of the badge is based on blue and yellow, the colors standing for quality and reliability (blue), and energy and passion (yellow). The combination of these bright shades makes the platform stand out in the list of its competitors.