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Oud Milano is an Italian brand of skincare and make-up cosmetics, which today operates across Europe, USA and the Middle East through its online platform and numerous branded boutiques. The company produces luxury cosmetics based on oriental beauty secrets.

Meaning and history

The visual identity of the high-end make-up brand is elegant and sophisticated. Its logo, composed of an emblem and a wordmark under it reflects luxury and style.

The contemporary and stylish design implements all the essential elements of the eastern culture, representing the nature of the brand and accenting the beauty and finesse.

The company’s emblem consists of the intertwined letters “OUD” and a motif of the ancient oriental vase. The monogram is placed vertically with the “D” placed face down. A vertical line with its pointed bottom and ornate top part go through all three letters, making the insignia sharp and sophisticated.

Oud Milano Logo

The monochrome color palette of the brand’s visual identity elevates it and makes it timeless, adding luxury and finesse to the distinct lines of lettering and icon.


The Oud Milano wordmark in all capitals is executed in the iconic sans-serif typeface, Avenir, which is a geometric font, designed by Adrian Frutiger in 1987. The Futura-based typeface looks contemporary and sleek, and its simple traditional lines and shapes balance the ornate emblem.

The letters of the brand’s icon are also capitalized but use another typeface — an old-style serif, which resembles the Greek alphabet.

The combination of these two completely different fonts makes the logo unique and modern. Both styles complement each other, creating a harmonized perfectly executed image.


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Oud Milano is a progressive luxury brand, which has its physical stores across Europe and the Middle East and generates the most part of the sales through its online platform.

The company offers a wonderful selection of make-up and skincare products, based on the oriental traditions and components. Besides cosmetics, the e-commerce platform has a variety of beauty tools and accessories, including tweezers and scissors, along with brushes and nail files. There is also a section for perfume, where anyone can find sprays, oils and even perfumes bracelets of their favorite fragrance.

Another category on the company’s web store is natural oils, which includes 20 positions of carriage and scented items, suitable for face and body.

The company offers a worldwide delivery service and a 15 days return policy, along with a secure payment system. Oud Milano values its reputation and makes everything for their customers to experience the best of the online shopping and get their luxury orders fast.