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Berrylook is a fashion online retailer, which specializes in women’s clothing and accessories. The company was established in Hong Kong in 2017. The website operates across the globe and has millions of customers worldwide due to its affordable pricing policies.

Meaning and history

The visual identity of the fashion retailer is laconic and simple. Based on the wordmark, its logo looks professional and eye-catching, representing a confident and strong company.

The black inscription on a white background is the most common color combination for a fashion-related business, as it allows the clothing and accessories to be the star, and the traditional and strict logo makes a perfect tag for all the possible styles and fabrics.

The Berrylook nameplate is elegant and timeless, its bold lines and classic color scheme will always be in trend.


The wordmark of the retailer’s visual identity is written in a custom script typeface, which is pretty close to Atlantica Family fonts, but narrowed and slightly modified. Its smooth and sleek letterforms are compact yet well-balanced and powerful.

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The inscription is neat and stylish, reflecting the company, which is specialized in fashionable clothing for women and aims to make all ladies across the globe happy and beautiful.


The e-commerce company, based in Hong Kong, delivers orders to customers across the globe, but most parts of the items are being sold in the United States and Indonesia. These two countries make more than half of all deals of the global online retailer.

The e-store specializes in women’s apparel and footwear, offering a wide selection of dresses, coats, and swimwear at affordable prices. There is also a menswear category, but the assortment is not very big, as the most part of the site’s audience is ladies.

The company offers daily deals and monthly discounts, where anyone can get a fashion item at less than $5. There is also free delivery on some orders and special sale coupons for members.

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