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Cocokick stands out in the digital marketplace as a purveyor of an extensive selection of products to a worldwide audience, celebrated for providing value-laden offers through its network of manufacturers and suppliers. The company dedicates itself to the happiness of its clientele, meticulously calibrating price points to mirror the caliber of their offerings, making sought-after goods attainable. Esteemed for their exceptional client support, Cocokick entrusts logistics to DHL, ensuring expedient shipping to major regions such as the United States, Europe, and Australia. This commitment to efficiency is complemented by their responsive customer care team, ready to assist with any inquiries, enhancing the overall purchasing experience.

Meaning and history

Cocokick Logo history

This company is renowned for the quality and consistency of its products and services, offering a superior online shopping experience. The online store features a vast selection, catering to a wide range of preferences and needs. With extensive experience in fostering direct relationships with both manufacturers and customers, the company consistently demonstrates professionalism, enhancing the customer’s shopping experience.

Recognizing the importance of each purchase, the company exclusively sells new, unopened, and unused products, sourced directly from the manufacturer. This commitment ensures that customers can always expect and receive high-quality products when ordering. The company’s goal is to provide the right products at the right price, ensuring timely delivery.

A dedicated and robust customer service team oversees the entire sales process. This team is always prepared and eager to assist customers, addressing their concerns, managing returns and replacements, and listening to any complaints. Their proactive approach and readiness to help underscore the company’s commitment to customer satisfaction and service excellence.


The logo presented here is a graphical composition that features a side profile of a classic sneaker in a monochrome black, set against a clean white background. The sneaker’s design is minimalistic yet detailed, with the lacing, collar, and sole distinctly visible, suggesting both style and substance. The brand name ‘cocokick’ is written in lowercase, with robust and rounded red letters that command attention. This color choice not only adds vibrancy to the logo but also injects a youthful and energetic aura into the brand identity. The use of red also symbolizes passion and action, resonating with the brand’s dynamic nature. The juxtaposition of the simplistic shoe design with the bold, colored text creates a memorable visual identity that encapsulates the brand’s essence in the footwear industry.


Cocokick Logo

The logo features a stylized representation of a sneaker, predominantly in a striking red with a black outline that also forms the sole. The shoe’s body is accented with white, highlighting the eyelets and suggesting the comfort and snug fit typical of the brand’s footwear. Below the graphic, the brand name “COCOKICK” is spelled out in bold, black uppercase letters that are evenly spaced, exuding a sense of modernity and strength. The overall design conveys a blend of fashion-forward thinking and a dynamic attitude, characteristic of a brand that appeals to a style-conscious demographic.

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