Walmart logo

Walmart logo
Walmart is a global USA-based network of hypermarkets and discount stores, which has been around since 1962, and so far offers a tremendous range of products. The company has a simple and memorable logo.

Meaning and History logoWalmart logo history

From the very beginning, the company’s name has been the center point of logo design. The logo has undergone several transformations: it has changed fonts, color, and, most important, orthography.

Old logo

Old Walmart logo
The very first Walmart logo was the wordmark written in blue caps. It did not feature any extra design elements. The version was in use from 1962 until 1964. The next version was accepted in 1964 and was in use until 1981. It was the hyphenated version of the company name spelled “Wal-Mart” and written in a black signature font. The next version (in use from 1981 until 1992) was the same hyphenated wordmark written in blue uppercase letters. The 1992-2008 version was the same as the previous one except the hyphen was replaced with an asterisk.

New logo

New Walmart logo
The next Walmart logo version was accepted in 2008, and it is still in use. It is the company name written in sky-blue blue lowercase letters with a ‘spark’ at the end – five yellow bars radiating outward from a center.


Symbol Walmart
The company’s transition to a new logo in 2008 was to emphasize its move from promoting cheap stuff to being a company that strives to use innovative and fair marketing strategies. In an interview, the company’s spokesperson confessed their goal was to show that the company had changed rather than to demonstrate an outstanding Walmart logo.


Emblem Walmart
The Walmart logo reflects the company’s new eco-friendly approach to running their global business. Today, it is one of the most recognizable emblems.


Font of the Walmart logo
The Walmart logo sports a font that appears to be close to Myriad Pro.


Color of the Walmart logo
The combination of blue and yellow evokes a feeling of friendliness and inspires hope. It is Walmart’s new philosophy, which the company is projecting around the globe. Also, it reflects the company’s effort to provide best quality products and achieve the highest possible product quality level.