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Walmart is a global USA-based network of hypermarkets and discount stores, which has been around since 1962, and so far offers a tremendous range of products. The company has a simple and memorable logo.

Walmart Slogan
  • Prices are falling.

  • Always low prices. Always.

Meaning and history

Walmart Logo history

From the very beginning, the company’s name has been the center point of logo design. The logo has undergone several transformations: it has changed fonts, color, and, most important, orthography.

From the very beginning, the companys name has been the center point of logo design. The logo has undergone several transformations: it has changed fonts, color, and, most important, orthography.


Walmart Logo 1950

The earliest logo featured the original name, “Walton’s,” in red capital letters. The designer chose a simple sans serif type.

It was super simple, but the clean and distinct lines looked very progressive for its times, plus the scarlet-red shade of the uppercase inscription made it look powerful and reflected a sense of excellence and expertise, evoking a sense of trust and confidence in customers. 


Walmart Logo 1962

Here, the name “Walmart” is used, which is given in blue. While the type is also a sans serif, it looks more elongated than its predecessor.

The change to blue was the most important, as with this switch the company was saying: “we are now professionals and we know what we are doing”. Plus the lines of the letters, which got thicker, were saying the same. 


Walmart Logo 1964

The black roundel was initially used as an alternative Walmart logo. Here, the name “Wal-Mart” was hyphenated.

It was a pretty boring and dark emblem, which was still brought back by the retailer later, and gave the company a confident recognisability. 


Walmart Logo 1965

The roundel disappeared leaving only the name of the store in a rather heavy sans-serif type. To the right, the lettering “Discount City” could be seen.


Walmart Logo 1967

In this version, the letters were placed inside rectangles with a thin black border. While the overall style of the typeface was very similar to the previous version, there were also a couple of notable differences.


Walmart Logo 1968

The typeface was slightly updated. The proportions of the glyphs were modified: the letters were now shorter; their basic shape grew closer to a square.


Walmart Logo 1969

The roundel emblem made a comeback. While the board in the middle looked the same, the text in the upper and lower fields was changed.


Walmart Logo 1970

Once again we see the logo where each of the glyphs is placed inside a rectangle. This time, the colors were inverted: the glyphs and the border of the boxes grew white, while the background grew black.


Walmart Logo 1975

Unlike the previous emblems, this one had a distinctive style. The unusual serifs and the decorative dots in the middle of each letter made the design memorable.


Walmart Logo 1977

While the overall style preserved unchanged, there were a couple of subtle differences in the design of some elements. For instance, the hyphen grew bolder.


Walmart Logo 1981

After a complete overhaul, the letters in the Walmart logo adopted not only a new shape but also a new color. Now, they were brown and looked very simple. The type was a regular sans serif. Probably the most unusual part was the lack of breathing space between the “L” and “M.”


Walmart Logo 1992

While the type remained almost the same, it was now dark blue (there were also versions in different colors). The hyphen was replaced by a star, which added a distinctive accent.


Walmart Logo

All the letters, except the “W,” were lowercased. The heavy geometric type was replaced by a friendlier, rounded one. The new logo had a happy and youthful feel due to the sunshine theme. It was introduced by the choice of colors (blue and yellow) and the shape of the emblem, which reminded sunrays.


What font is on the Walmart logo?
The simple and laconic Walmart logotype is executed in a traditional Sans-serif typeface, which is very similar to such fonts as Myriad Pro Bold and LCT Picón Semi Bold, with their thick lines, smooth angles, and straight cuts of the letters’ lines. Other fonts, that are pretty close to the Walmart typeface are Unitext Pro Bold and Rolphie, but with some lines modified.

The company’s transition to a new logo in 2008 was to emphasize its move from promoting cheap stuff to being a company that strives to use innovative and fair marketing strategies. In an interview, the company’s spokesperson confessed their goal was to show that the company had changed rather than to demonstrate an outstanding Walmart logo.


Emblem Walmart

The Walmart logo reflects the company’s new eco-friendly approach to running their global business. Today, it is one of the most recognizable emblems.


The simple and regular Walmart icon represents the company as a responsible and energetic one, the one that values its customers and tends to provide them with the widest range of products possible.

The Walmart icon is composed of a solid blue square, which can be seen with its corners straight or rounded, and a stylized yellow flower drawn over it. The flower is very schematic and minimalist — formed by just six narrow yellow petals, placed at a large distance from each other.

The flower represents assortment and variety, while the petals trans for the sections, in which Walmart works.

Walmart icon Walmart icon 2 Walmart icon 3 Walmart icon 4


Font of the Walmart logo

The Walmart logo sports a font that appears to be close to Myriad Pro. It also has some similarities to Rolphie 08 Extraheavy, but the small rounded elements on both the “W” and the “A” are what makes the Walmart typeface so unique and eye-catching. 


The combination of blue and yellow evokes a feeling of friendliness and inspires hope. It is Walmart’s new philosophy, which the company is projecting around the globe. Also, it reflects the company’s effort to provide best quality products and achieve the highest possible product quality level.