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Soplica, a distinguished brand with roots in Poland, is celebrated for its premium vodka and flavored liqueurs. Today, it upholds its time-honored traditions, blending age-old recipes with modern techniques. Predominantly recognized in European markets, Soplica is extending its global footprint. The brand is a jewel in the portfolio of Roust Corporation, a major player in the alcohol industry. With a rich history and a commitment to quality, Soplica continues to charm aficionados and newcomers alike, bridging past and present in every bottle.

Meaning and history

Established in 1891 in Poland, Soplica stands as one of the nation’s oldest spirit brands. It was founded by Bolesław Kasprowicz, who began by crafting vodka in the small town of Gniezno. The name “Soplica” was inspired by a literary character, symbolizing honor and valor in Polish tradition.

Throughout the 20th century, Soplica faced numerous challenges, including two World Wars and political upheavals. Despite these obstacles, the brand persisted, preserving its original recipes and techniques. During the communist era, the company underwent nationalization, becoming state-owned.

Post-1989, following the fall of communism, the Polish spirits industry saw privatization. Soplica was acquired by different entities before landing in the hands of Roust Corporation, a global spirits powerhouse. Under Roust’s leadership, Soplica expanded its product line, introducing flavored liqueurs alongside its signature vodkas.

Technological advancements in production, without compromising on tradition, have been a key factor in Soplica’s sustained success. Today, the brand seamlessly marries its historic essence with contemporary demands, appealing to both traditionalists and a newer generation of consumers.

The journey of Soplica, from its humble beginnings to its current stature, reflects resilience, adaptability, and unwavering dedication to quality. Its rich legacy is not just in its products, but also in its ability to evolve while staying rooted in its cherished traditions.


Soplica Logo

The logo showcases an intricately detailed sketch of a vintage manor house, ensconced by lush trees and foliage, creating an aura of timeless heritage. Positioned prominently below this illustration is the brand name “SOPLICA” rendered in bold, burgundy letters with a slight gradient effect, giving it depth and richness. The lettering style evokes an elegant and classic feel. Below the brand name, the phrase “KUNSZT TRADYCJI OD POKOLEŃ” is inscribed in a smaller font, hinting at the brand’s long-standing tradition and craftsmanship. The entire design is infused with a sense of history and legacy, echoing the brand’s longstanding ties to tradition.