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Becherovka is a Czech brand of herbal liqueur, produced in Karlovy Vary by the Jan Becher Company and founded in 1807. The brand is owned by Pernod Ricard Group.

Meaning and history

Becherovka Logo

Famous for its peculiar and unique taste and particularly popular during the cold winter months, Becherovka is also hailed for its medicinal properties and is used to smooth digestion problems.

The Becherovka logo resembles a medical label – a yellow rectangle framed in black with blue lines on its top and bottom.

The upper line is where the brand’s name is written, in its strict white serif. As for the second logo element – the Jan Becher’s signature – it’s on the bottom blue line, executed in silver and has a red round emblem with 1807, a year of its establishment.

Before the brand’s redesign the red icon had a JP monogram on it. Now it’s located in the middle of the label, on a yellow background.

Font and Color

From first sight, the Becherovka’s logotype is written in one of the most commonly used sans-serif typefaces and has nothing unique in its design. But when you look at the contours and lines of its bold letters, you realize that the font is special and was designed exclusively for the brand. The open contour of the “B”, the small upper part of the “R” and diagonal cuts of the “E” bars — there all are the added details of the typeface, which is probably based on Bebas Neue or Bellfort Draw Dark fonts.

The white inscription is set on a blue background, and this color combination looks bright yet strong and serious. It evokes a sense of responsibility and trustworthiness, and at the same time makes the brand’s labels look modern and cool on the shelves of the supermarkets.

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