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First introduced in 1980, Softsoap is currently a rather well-known brand of liquid hand soap and body wash. It is manufactured by Colgate-Palmolive.

Meaning and history

Softsoap Logo history

There have been three modifications to the design of the Softsoap logo so far. They have not been very profound and could have come unnoticed for the majority of the customers.


Softsoap Logo-1980

The word “Softsoap” in a serif type is placed inside a dark blue rectangle. You can also see an explanatory tagline “Hand Soap” below.


Softsoap Logo-1996

The type is replaced by a sans serif one, while the lettering “Hand Soap” is replaced by a white horizontal bar. The blue grows lighter.


Softsoap Logo

The type and the color have been slightly updated. The white bar has been replaced by the word “brand.” Two of the angles of the rectangle have been rounded.

On the current logo, the color is darker than on the 2008 one.