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Sally Hansen is an American cosmetics brand, specialized in nail-care. The company was established in the 1950s and named after its founder, a famous actress. The brand is highly recognizable across the globe.

Meaning and history

Sally Hansen is one of the most famous nail cosmetics brands in the world, it was created as a family business by Sally and her husband, who was a chemist. The Sally Hansen visual identity is delicate and elegant, a perfect complement to the bright and colorful packages and nail lacquer bottles.

The Sally Hansen logo was always text-based. The only thing, that was being changed constantly was its cursive typeface. The color combination of the logo was also switched several times. For the last few years, the brand stuck to the orange and white color scheme, which is a reflection of creativity and happiness.

Sally Hansen Logo

The previous version of the logo used a light orange color as the main, but today the color is brighter and more intense, which makes the handwriting of the wordmark stand out and look stronger.

Smooth and modern lines of the lettering are elegant and feminine, yet have a lot of class. The Sally Hansen nameplate is contemporary and bold. It looks perfect both on the web and on the packaging and is instantly recognizable.