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So Delicious specializes in dairy-free foods, offering a variety of frozen desserts, beverages, and creamers made from almond, coconut, soy, and oat milk. Serving health-conscious and vegan markets, it’s a subsidiary of Danone North America, part of a global food company. Its products are widely distributed across North America.

Meaning and history

So Delicious Dairy Free began as a community-based endeavor in the 1980s, initially focused on creating non-dairy frozen desserts. Its ethos was rooted in providing delectable alternatives for those avoiding dairy, whether due to health reasons, ethical choices, or lifestyle preferences.

Through the 1990s and 2000s, the company expanded its product line to include a broad array of dairy-free products, capitalizing on the growing demand for plant-based foods. Their offerings extended beyond frozen treats to encompass a range of beverages, creamers, and cultured products like yogurt alternatives, all derived from various plant milks such as coconut, almond, soy, and oat.

The brand’s ownership evolved over the years, reflecting its increasing market reach and the rising interest in plant-based diets. In 2013, So Delicious was acquired by WhiteWave Foods, a move that significantly boosted its distribution capabilities and innovation potential. This alignment with WhiteWave, a company known for its plant-based and organic products, helped So Delicious to further cement its position in the dairy-free sector.

In 2016, the dairy-free pioneer underwent another major transition when WhiteWave Foods was acquired by Danone, a multinational food-products corporation. Under the Danone North America umbrella, So Delicious has continued to thrive, benefitting from Danone’s extensive resources and global presence while maintaining its commitment to dairy-free food excellence.

Throughout its history, So Delicious has remained dedicated to sustainability and health, evident in their non-GMO and organic ingredient sourcing. As part of Danone, it continues to innovate, ensuring its products are not just tasty, but also accessible to a variety of dietary needs and sustainable for the planet.

2011 – Today

So Delicious Logo

The logo presented is an elegant emblem for the brand “So Delicious Dairy Free.” It features a rich, dark backdrop that elegantly contrasts with the bright, silvery-white serif lettering spelling out “SO DELICIOUS.” The use of the “O” in “SO” and “O” in “DELICIOUS” has a distinctive design, where they are enlarged and interlinked, symbolizing the connection and continuity within the brand. Below the main title, a ribbon banner of a chocolatey hue, resembling a luxurious satin sash, swirls with grace, proudly proclaiming “DAIRY FREE” in a serif typeface that matches the upper text, yet stands out due to its golden coloring. This tasteful design choice serves to emphasize the company’s commitment to offering dairy-free products. The overall aesthetic of the logo communicates a sense of indulgence, quality, and attention to detail, which are core to the brand’s identity.