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Seventh Generation is the name of the brand, established in 1988 in the United States, and specialized in the production of ecologically friendly products for home and personal care goods. Today the famous American brand is famous across the globe.

Meaning and history

Seventh Generation Logo history

The visual identity of the Seventh Generation brand is bright, memorable, and very meaningful. It is a perfect reflection of the company’s purpose and value of nature and health.

The logo of the brand is composed of a green leaf emblem with white lettering on it. In some cases, the company uses only the wordmark in green, placed on a white background, and for the icon, a single green leaf is used.

The three-dimensional leaf is executed in various shades of green, which makes it look dynamic and very realistic. On the previous logo version, there was a whole leaf on the emblem, but after the redesign, it is only its upper part, which the lower one curvy cut. It is smooth and soft, evoking a sense of trustworthiness and caress.

2002 – 2013

Seventh Generation Logo 2002
The Seventh Generation logo from 2002 was pretty much the same as the logo, used by the brand in the 2010s. A fresh green leaf with white lettering on it. The gradient green and white color palette looked cool and energetic, representing growth and life. The two levels of the inscription were both executed in a traditional sans-serif typeface, but the upper line boasted thin contours, while the letters of the bottom “Generation” were extended and emboldened”.

2013 – 2014

Seventh Generation Logo 2013

The redesign of 2013 introduced a new concept of the Seventh Generation logo. It was a two-leveled lowercase inscription in dark green, placed on a white background, with small orange detail, standing for the sun, placed on the upper right corner of the composition. The typeface of the logotype was smooth and elegant, with slightly elongated and curved tails of the lines and arched contours.

2014 – Today

Seventh Generation Logo

As for the wordmark, it is set in two levels and executed in two different sizes. The upper level contains “Seventh” lettering in the lowercase, executed in a sleek sans-serif typeface with softened edges and cuts. The bottom, “generation”, the level has its lowercase in the smaller size, so the length of the word corresponds to the length of the upper level.

In the previous version of the Seventh Generation logo, the two words of the nameplate were executed in two different fonts, but the current version looks more balanced and reflects harmony and unity with nature like nothing else.

Green and white color palette symbolize life, growth, health, and loyalty, it shows how the brand cares about its customers and tends to provide them with the best products available on the market today.